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May 14, 2008 | General

On the evening of July 29/2000 contract negotiations between Edmonton Airports and PSAC, (Public Service Alliance of Canada), the bargaining agent for 115 support workers at Edmonton International Airport broke off.

The mediator-assisted negotiations ended after Edmonton Airports’ last offer was countered by an unacceptable offer from the union.

Edmonton Airports’ last offer to PSAC includes:

Five year contract
Annual wage increases of 3%, 2.75%, 2.75%, 2.75% and 3%;
Various other financial enhancements including increased standby pay, shift premiums and enhanced vacation entitlements.
Edmonton Airports and PSAC have agreed to other financial provisions, including paid leave for specialist appointments, increased meal allowances and car mileage allowances, weekend premium increases, and additional uniform and clothing provisions.

PSAC’s counter-proposal includes the following:

Three year contract;
Annual wage increases of 3.75% per annum;
Paid lunch breaks for specific employee groups;
Selected paid health benefits for retired union members;
Increased overtime provisions;
Vacation allowances, standby pay, and shift premiums higher than offered by Edmonton Airports;
Job guarantees and contracting out restrictions.

Employment Security:

PSAC insists that they have no job security and communicate this as their principle strike issue. In fact, employment security was already provided through provisions in the previous contract, outlined below.

Article 35.16 of the previous contract states that,

“No employee who is a member of a bargaining unit covered by this agreement, on the date of signing, shall be subjected to lay-off as a direct result of his/her work being performed by contract. Any employee whose work is being contracted out will be guaranteed employment and will be fully salary protected until such time as that employee refuses a permanent position at a salary level at least equivalent to his/her contracted position. Such employee shall be subject to the provisions of this article.”

Edmonton Airports is prepared to maintain the above employment security protection.

PSAC job guarantee proposals would restrict Edmonton Airports from layoffs and contracting out for the duration of the agreement. It is the position of Edmonton Airports that PSAC, through its proposals, is attempting to restrict the company’s ability to manage its workforce and remain competitive in a highly dynamic industry.

Edmonton Airports Wage Facts:

Current wages provided by Edmonton Airports to unionized employees includes an average rate of approximately $21.00 per hour.
Wages range from $14.45 to $34.50 per hour.