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May 14, 2008 | General

Renewed negotiations between Edmonton Airports and PSAC (Public Service Alliance of Canada) representing 115 support workers at Edmonton International Airport, ended last night without achieving a new contract.

The talks, which resumed Thursday, ended after Edmonton Airports negotiating team rejected a PSAC counter-proposal to the employers’ final offer. After assessing the probability of reaching a negotiated settlement as unlikely, the federal mediator then formally ended his involvement and left the process.

Subsequently, Edmonton Airports fully expects and is prepared for legal strike action to begin at 5AM Monday morning involving its’ unionized support staff. Edmonton Airports received the legally required 72-hour notice of strike action on the morning of July 27/2000.

The employees negatively impacted by the union’s decision to strike are employed by Edmonton Airports in a variety of areas including accounting, field and general maintenance, environmental services, information booth, marketing, planning and engineering and real estate services.

Areas not impacted by this expected job action include security services, airport parking, housekeeping and emergency response services (fire fighters). With the exception of emergency response services, all of the other above-described services are contracted to private companies. Other services not impacted by the scheduled work stoppage include airlines, fuel delivery and retail operations.

It is important to note that PSAC claims of an illegal lockout of employees by Edmonton Airports on the afternoon of July 28/2000 are without foundation. PSAC’S claim is based on an interpretation of a request by the employer for unionized employees to return various company properties including security and parking passes. As a result of that interpretation and a PSAC directive to employees to walk off the job last Friday afternoon, Edmonton Airports has filed an illegal strike complaint against the union with the Canadian Industrial Relations Board.

Edmonton Airports’ management team has prepared a contingency plan to deal with the anticipated work stoppage. The plan re-assigns management employees to front-line areas to ensure continued operation of Edmonton International Airport for the benefit of our tenants and their customers. It is important to note the scheduled job action only pertains to Edmonton International Airport. No service disruptions will occur at Edmonton City Centre Airport, Cooking Lake Airport or Villeneuve Airport as Edmonton Airports does not employ unionized staff at these facilities.

Edmonton Airports’ management doesn’t anticipate any significant customer service disruptions during the anticipated work stoppage, due to the nature of the functions performed by the affected employees. The most notable presence of the scheduled work stoppage will be the placement of pickets on various access roads and outside the terminal building. Because of this, and construction related to the Air Terminal Redevelopment Project, anyone having to travel to Edmonton International Airport is urged to leave at least 15 minutes sooner than scheduled.

Anyone seeking information on services at Edmonton International Airport is welcome to call 780-890-8382 or toll free at 1-800-268-7134. For flight information please contact your airline or refer to our web site at and access the Current Flight Info icon.