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July 13, 2007 | General

E-Service Centers being added at 102 airports throughout U.S. and Canada;
First-time users earn up to 2,000 frequent flier miles

Minneapolis — Northwest Airlines today announced that it has added more self-service check-in options for travellers at Saskatoon International Airport in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; Ottawa International Airport in Ottawa; Winnipeg International Airport in Winnipeg, Manitoba; Regina Airport in Regina, Saskatchewan; and Edmonton International Airport in Edmonton, Alberta with the deployment of its “E-Service Center” self-service flight check-in devices (SSD’s).

The new Northwest E-Service Centers are currently available for customers’ use in the airport lobby in front of the Northwest ticket counter. Three E-Service Centers have been deployed at Saskatoon International Airport, Winnipeg International Airport, Regina Airport and Edmonton International Airport. Two E-Service Centers have been deployed at Ottawa International Airport.

The deployment of E-Service Centers to these five airports is part of an aggressive e-business initiative at Northwest to expand the availability of E-Service Centers to 144 airports it serves with Northwest Airlines-operated flights in the United States and Canada, and some of the airports served by Northwest Airlink partners.

On November 13, Northwest announced that it expanded the reach of its self-service check-in options, becoming the first U.S. airline to enable customers to obtain their boarding passes for travel from the U.S. and Canada to Asia, as well as to many destinations served in Europe.
Northwest will install scores of SSD’s in the next two months, in some cases at a pace as high as fifteen airports per week. By 2003, Northwest travelers will be able to use E-Service Centers in 144 North American airports served by Northwest and in some locations across both Europe and Asia.

“Northwest’s self-service check-in program is the cornerstone of our efforts to bust airport lines,” said Dirk McMahon, senior vice president of customer service. “E-Service Centers help our customers save valuable time navigating airports through a faster check-in experience and avoiding standing in lines.”

Northwest offers more electronic check-in functionality than any other airline. Through using either its E-Service Centers or Check-In, the Internet check-in service available through the carrier’s Web site, customers travelling on e-tickets can:

• Check-in for domestic and international flights from the U.S. and Canada to Mexico, the Caribbean, Asia, and many European destinations.
• Select or change their seat assignments.
• Change flights, including payment of change fees.
• View changes to their itinerary if their flight has been delayed or cancelled and confirm their choice of alternative flight service.
• Receive a complimentary First Class upgrade (Elite members of WorldPerks).
• Purchase “E-First” upgrades to First Class at special low rates when travelling on full-fare tickets and space is available.
• Print ticket receipts.
• Add their WorldPerks frequent flier number to their flight reservation.

Northwest’s Check-In service enables customers to check-in and obtain their boarding pass from the convenience of a personal computer at home or work up to 30 hours prior to departure, a feature not offered by any other airline.

“Northwest’s self-service check-in options empower consumers by giving them greater control over their travel experience,” said Al Lenza, vice president of distribution and e-commerce. “Whether its obtaining a boarding pass or changing a seat assignment, once travellers try checking in at or an E-Service Center, they become regular users of these time saving services.”

Northwest Offers Bonus Frequent Flier Miles for Trying Self-Service Check-in

Through December 31, 2002, first-time users of Northwest’s self-service check-in options, who are also members of Northwest’s WorldPerks frequent flier program, will receive a one-time bonus of 1,000 miles for checking in at either an E-Service Center or through Check-In. First-time users of self-service check-in can earn up to 2,000 miles total for trying both Check-In and an E-Service Center check-in.

No advance registration is required. Membership in WorldPerks is required.

Northwest Airlines is the world’s fourth largest airline with hubs at Detroit, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Memphis, Tokyo and Amsterdam and more than 1,700 daily departures. With its travel partners, Northwest serves nearly 750 cities in almost 120 countries on six continents.

For more information pertaining to Northwest, media inquiries can be directed to Northwest Media Relations at (612) 726-2331 or to Northwest’s Web site at