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May 16, 2008 | General

EDMONTON — Northern Thunderbird Air and Edmonton Airports announced that effective today, NT Air will provide non-stop passenger air service between Prince George, B.C. and Edmonton International Airport.

Flights will operate daily Monday to Friday, arriving at the International at 12:30 pm and departing at 1:15 pm. The flights will be served initially by a King Air 200 which may be replaced by a Dash-7 depending on demand for the service. NT Air is the only airline to provide non-stop service between Edmonton and Prince George.

Northern Thunderbird will continue to operate a flight between Prince George and Edmonton City Centre Airport seven days a week for passengers and cargo. That flight arrives daily from Prince George at 6:30 pm and departs the following morning at 8:00 AM. NT Air has operated that flight since August 12, 1997.

“We are delighted with this new service,” said Scott Clements, President and CEO of Edmonton Airports. “It is important to Edmonton’s air service growth that we have excellent connections to northern communities to support the long haul services. We want to be the connecting airport of choice for people from Prince George and other northern communities. At the same time, we are pleased that they are keeping City Centre Airport on their itinerary, because it helps support a viable operation at our downtown facility.”

“Our customers have asked us to serve Edmonton International as well as the City Centre Airport,” said John Simkins, General Manager of Northern Thunderbird Air. “Right now, travellers from Prince George have to connect through Calgary or Vancouver to take a long haul flight. By adding the International to our route, we can offer a convenient alternative to customers who are destined beyond Edmonton.”

Northern Thunderbird Air has operated since 1971 and also serves Vancouver, MacKenzie and Williston Lake. Reservations may be made by calling 1-800-963-9611.

Matt Hall, Northern Thunderbird Air: (250) 963-9611 or cell (250) 960-8023