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July 12, 2007 | General

2005-05-26T00:00:00822008-05-24T02:27:44New Integra Air Service Between Lethbridge-Edmonton International<![CDATA[Edmonton — Edmonton Airports announced its strong support today for Lethbridge airline Integra Air’s new service to Edmonton International Airport (EIA). Integra Air, consistent with Edmonton Airports City Centre Airport Access Policy, will transition its Lethbridge-City Centre Airport service to Edmonton International Airport.
Edmonton Airports has been working directly with the Lethbridge community and Integra Air for a number of months. Edmonton Airports recognizes that maintaining service at Edmonton City Centre Airport(ECCA) is Integra’s preference, but that a transition to EIA is required as a result of Edmonton Airports’ policies.

“The Lethbridge community was very clear about its need for convenient air access to our city,” states Reg Milley, President and CEO of Edmonton Airports. “We have worked very hard with Lethbridge and Integra Air to develop creative solutions that respond directly to their travellers’ needs for convenient same-day business travel, and economical prices from EIA.”

In addition to marketing support and programs that will respond directly to Integra Air’s customer requirements, Edmonton Airports has recently launched FlyThru, targeted at same-day intra-Alberta travellers. Many of Integra Air’s customers will qualify for this time-saving program.

Integra Air’s new Lethbridge-EIA service will be the only non-stop service between these two centres. Through joint marketing and strong community support in Edmonton and Lethbridge, Integra Air will serve its existing clientele, as well as travellers seeking connections through Edmonton International Airport to and from Lethbridge.

Transition Details:

Integra will transition from its current 10-seat aircraft to a 19-seat aircraft, targeted for the larger EIA market.

To support the carrier’s commitment to new EIA air service, Integra will be temporarily permitted to fly the 19-seat aircraft with no more than 10 passengers into ECCA during a short transition period that will end no later than April 15th, 2006. From this period forward, Integra will only provide non-stop service between EIA and Lethbridge.

During the transition period, Integra flights operated with the 19-seat aircraft will make an intermediate stop at EIA on all flights either destined to ECCA or originating from ECCA.


After extensive consultation, Edmonton Airports’ Board clearly outlined its policy that confirmed the long-term viability of ECCA, and outlined the level of risk the Board was willing to accept with respect to splitting scheduled traffic between two Edmonton Airports.

Recognizing that unrestricted scheduled passenger service at ECCA undermines the overall quality of air service and regional, national and international air service connections, the Board announced policies to restrict scheduled services to four northern resource communities to current levels, and consolidate other scheduled traffic to EIA.

The ECCA Access Policy requires Integra Air’s Lethbridge-Edmonton City Centre Airport service to transition to Edmonton International Airport.

Edmonton Airports is a not-for-profit organization mandated to manage the region’s airport assets on behalf of and in the best interest of the community.