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July 12, 2007 | General

In response to media questions, Edmonton Airports provides the following information:

Following over one year of deliberation, on November 18, 2003, Edmonton Airports Board of Directors announced the long-term vision of Edmonton City Centre Airport.

In response to concerns expressed by some stakeholder groups, Edmonton Airports mobilized a Consultation Group. It was established to build common understanding of the issues and to provide advice to the Board on recommended potential solutions. As a gesture of good faith, Edmonton Airports offered to postpone the implementation of these policy announcements until the consultation period concluded.

The Consultation Group has not yet finalized its report. Once the Consultation Group finalizes its report, it will be presented to Edmonton Airports Board of Directors over the next few weeks.
Edmonton Airports acknowledges the efforts of the Consultation Group, and commends the commitment these community leaders have demonstrated over the last few months. The Consultation Group will provide valuable stakeholder input and will be carefully considered by Edmonton Airports Board of Directors. Consistent with the agreement made by all members of the Consultation Group, Edmonton Airports will not comment on the content of the Consultation Group report until it has been finalized and provided to Edmonton Airports Board of Directors for its consideration.

Edmonton Airports Board has been mandated with the ultimate responsibility and authority to make policy decisions that support air service development in support of economic development for the region.

The mandate of Edmonton Airports is to be a financially independent, not-for profit corporation, to manage and operate the airports for which it is responsible in a safe, secure and efficient manner and to advance economic and community development by means that include promoting and encouraging improved airline and transportation service and an expanded aviation industry for the general benefit of the public in its region.

Edmonton Airports manages four airports in the Capital Region; Edmonton International Airport, Edmonton City Centre Airport, Cooking Lake Airport and Villeneuve Airport.

Edmonton Airports is a not-for-profit organization mandated to manage the region’s airport assets on behalf of and in the best interest of the community.