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July 10, 2007 | General

Integra Air News Release

Lethbridge, Alberta…Alberta-based airline Integra Air announced new services today, including flights connecting Lethbridge and Edmonton to Fort McMurray. At a news conference at the Lethbridge County Airport, Integra Air President Brent Gateman outlined the enhanced services which include a larger aircraft, the addition of in-flight service and more convenient terminal access at the Edmonton International Airport.

“Not only are we going to be providing convenient access to and from Fort McMurray, we are increasing the speed and comfort of air travel between Lethbridge, Edmonton and Fort McMurray,” said Gateman. “We know there are people commuting between these centres to work in the oil sands. There are also many business and government travellers who access the north and south from Edmonton so our new larger aircraft will help accommodate those needs.”

Integra Air began using the 16-seat Jetstream 31 aircraft in July and a flight attendant will be offering in-flight service when the new schedule, outlined below, begins on September 18.

Integra Air New Schedule — Effective September 18, 2006
Days of Week       Departing          Time      Arriving           Time
M thru F                Lethbridge         06:40    Edmonton         08:00
T & W & F              Edmonton         08:15     Lethbridge       09:30
Lethbridge        16:50     Edmonton        18:05
Edmonton         18:20     Lethbridge       19:35
M & Th                  Edmonton*        08:15     Fort McMurray  09:20
Fort McMurray   17:00      Edmonton*      18:05
Edmonton         18:20      Lethbridge       19:35
*connected to flight to/from Lethbridge (15 minute stop in Edmonton)

Integra Air will also be the first airline to use the Executive Flight Centre passenger terminal at the Edmonton International Airport for scheduled flights. The use of this terminal will eliminate security hassles and the line-ups and congestion associated with the larger main terminal building. Free parking is also an added feature to the service in both Lethbridge and Edmonton.

“Integra’s decision to enhance service and expand their route system into the north provides another reason for individuals and companies to choose Lethbridge as an exceptional location to live and do business,” said Lethbridge Mayor Robert Tarleck.

Lorne Hickey, County of Lethbridge Manager, said, “The Lethbridge County Airport has the capacity and services needed to provide expanded air access to many markets. Integra Air, as a locally-based air carrier, has demonstrated a commitment to our provincial economy that should be admired and appreciated. They are part of the foundation we will use to continue to develop air service capacity in this region.”

“Integra Air offers excellent service by providing the only non-stop flight between Lethbridge and Edmonton,” states Reg Milley, Edmonton Airports President and CEO. “Integra’s new connection to the key oil and gas centre of Fort McMurray builds a new link north, expanding connections between the southern and northern regions of our province.”

Integra Air Inc. started in 1998 with one aircraft and four very determined employees. The airline was founded on the concept of providing a better service between Lethbridge and the provincial capital. Integra also offers chartered flight services and continues to examine opportunities for expansion.

For more information, contact:
Brent Gateman
Integra Air Inc.
(403) 382-8322