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May 16, 2008 | General

EDMONTON — Hudson General Aviation Services Inc. today announced that it will be returning to Edmonton International Airport after a seven-year absence to provide ground handling services to new air carrier WestJet Airlines. The move will create 24 new jobs as Ramp Service Agents.

Hudson General provided ground handling operations at Edmonton International Airport for PWA until its merger with Canadian Airlines, and then for Ward Air until it was purchased by Canadian. Hudson General left Edmonton International in 1989.

“We are pleased to be back at the International,” said Denis Lawn, Vice President of Operations for Hudson General. “We are very excited by the new opportunities that are once again emerging with the arrival of new carriers.”

“This is another example of the spin off benefits of consolidation,” said Garry King, Edmonton Airports Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Development. “Because voters chose consolidation last October, WestJet is here. And because WestJet is here, Hudson General is back, and is creating 24 brand new jobs for Edmontonians.”

Hudson General will begin operations on February 29, the day that WestJet begins its scheduled services. They will be interviewing and hiring staff on Thursday and Friday of this week. Ramp Service Agents are responsible for turning around an aircraft between arrival and departure, including loading and unloading, deicing, and pushback operations.

Hudson General, based in Great Neck, New York, has Canadian offices in Ville St.-Laurent, Quebec and Mississauga, Ontario. The company provides ground handling services at 13 U.S. and 9 Canadian airports.