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July 12, 2007 | General

EEDC launches Countdown to One Million awareness campaign

Edmonton Economic Development Corp. (EEDC) launched an awareness campaign today to draw attention to the fact that Greater Edmonton’s population is forecast to reach one million on (approximately) Jan. 1, 2005.

The population of Edmonton’s Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) — essentially the City of Edmonton, neighbouring municipalities and the four counties surrounding Edmonton — is forecast to be 999,769 by Dec. 31, 2004 (according to the City of Edmonton’s Planning and Development Department).

For symbolic purposes (no one can definitively verify exactly when), EEDC is targeting Jan. 1, 2005 as the day Greater Edmonton’s population reaches one million.

“Many national and international companies, as well as potential investors, regularly underestimate the size and importance of our local market,” says Allan Scott, President and CEO of EEDC. “Consequently, we’re launching this 100-day awareness campaign so that Greater Edmonton is better recognized as a tier-one Canadian market for business and investment, as well as a cosmopolitan tourist destination.”

EEDC encourages regional media and businesses to support this awareness campaign by promoting and celebrating this achievement in our community’s development. A complimentary Countdown to One Million icon is also available to aid any promotional initiatives.

“Beyond the significance of this symbolic milestone for marketing Edmonton, we hope this campaign will help culminate our city’s year-long centennial and, as Alberta’s capital region, help kick-start our province’s centennial celebrations,” says Scott.

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1. The City of Edmonton’s Planning and Development Department estimates that the City of Edmonton’s population will be 707,271 by year-end. Based on a realistic population growth rate of six per cent over the last five years, the City of Edmonton will have one million people in 2034.

2. This news release has three attachments (in addition to this news release): Countdown to One Million icon; Edmonton CMA Population Forecast, 2002 — 2009; and City of Edmonton Population Forecast, 2002 — 2009.

3. Edmonton will become Canada’s sixth CMA to reach one million in population, after (in order) Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa-Gatineau and Calgary.

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