July 12, 2007 | General

Edmonton — Due to an extensive power outage that has affected Ontario and the eastern United States, we expect that flights originating from affected cities such as Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton and Montreal will be delayed or cancelled at Edmonton International Airport. Flights to other destinations MAY be affected.

If you have a flight scheduled to depart from Edmonton International Airport or are expecting a flight arrival todayor tomorrow, we ask that you verify your flight information on our website at www.flyeia.com for the most up-to-date flight arrivals and departures and airline phone listings, or call our toll free information line at 1-800-268-7134. Airlines are now in the process of updating their flight arrival and departure information on our website.

Passengers travelling today or tomorrow should contact their respective airlines recognizing that call volumes may be high and it might take longer than usual to get through.

Air Canada
Arrival/Departure Info:1(888)422-7533
Website: www.aircanada.ca

Air Canada Jazz
Website: www.flyjazz.ca

Air Canada Tango
Reservations: 1(800) 315-1390
Website: www.flytango.com

Air North
Reservations: 1(800) 661-0407 (Canada)
Reservations: 1(800) 764-0407 (US)
Information: 1(800) 872-6728
Website: www.flyairnorth.com

Air Transat
Information: 1(877)872-6728
Website: www.airtransat.ca

Canadian North
Reservations: 1(800)661-1505
Website: www.canadiannorth.com

Central Mountain Air
Reservations: 1(888)865-8585
Website: www.flycma.com

Continental Airlines
Reservations: 1(800)231-0856
Website: www.continental.com

First Air
Schedules & Fares : 1(800)267-1247
Website: www.firstair.ca

Horizon Air
Reservations: 1(800)547-9308
Website: www.horizonair.com
(includes partner Alaska Airlines)

Reservations: 1(866)440-0441
Website: www.jetsgo.net

Information: 1(800)627-8462
Website: www.martinairusa.com

Northwest Airlines
Reservations: 1(800)225-2525
Website: www.nwa.com

Information: 1(800)701-9448
Website: www.skyserviceairlines.com

United Airlines
Reservations: 1(800)241-6522
Arrival/Departure Info: 1(800)824-6200
Website: www.ual.com

Reservations: 1(800)538-5696
Flight Information: (780) 890-8040
Website: www.westjet.com

Reservations: 1(866)432-1947
Website: www.4321zip.com

Flight Information: 1(866) 359-9666
Reservations: 1-877-485-6060
Website: www.flyzoom.com

Edmonton Airports is a not-for-profit organization mandated to manage the region’s airport assets on behalf of and in the best interest of the Capital Region.