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May 08, 2008 | General

$1.1-billion expansion to include new office/control tower complex

Edmonton, Alta. — Edmonton International Airport (EIA) today launches the new “we’ll move you” brand, tying together a fresh commitment to customer service, the implementation of time-saving technology and a five-year, $1.1.-billion airport expansion program.

The new brand and airport expansion program reflect EIA’s shift from a small, regional airport to a medium-sized international airport serving Northwestern Canada. EIA is Canada’s fastest-growing major airport for two years in a row and now serves over six million passengers annually, a nearly 50 per cent increase in just three years.

“Our customers and stakeholders told us they wanted this key community facility to reflect the bolder, confident attributes Edmonton has acquired to complement its warm, friendly nature,” says Reg Milley, EIA President and CEO.

At the heart of the new brand is a commitment to customer service — “we’ll move you.”

“It is our new call to action, our guiding belief, and our promise to all of our customers, stakeholders and ourselves,” says Milley. “On a functional level, we are going to do everything we can to efficiently and conveniently move our customers and their goods.

“We are going to provide the kind of customer service that you’ll remember — and that your visiting family and business colleagues will remember — because it was enthusiastically delivered by friendly, engaged ‘Edmonton’ staff.”

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The “we’ll move you” philosophy also underpins the $1.1-billion expansion program and current initiatives to incorporate industry-leading technologies, including common-use, self-serve check-in kiosks, Pay & Go parking stations, the expedited customs clearance program NEXUS and a host of others.

Along with the new brand, new details were released today about EIA’s expansion program.

A key new element is a new office-control tower complex slated to replace the current aging 1960s office-control tower. The new complex will serve the specialized needs of NavCanada — the agency responsible for air traffic control.

Additionally, it will provide more office space, restaurants and services as well as an integrated baggage room that will allow for customers to drop off their luggage at any designated point in the terminal. The new control tower will be located on the west side of the terminal adjacent to the current Gate 49 and is scheduled for completion in 2011.

The major expansion includes a new “hammerhead” terminal and concourse, extending from the current South Terminal. When completed in 2012, EIA will have the capacity to serve nine million passengers. The expansion will include new retail, food and beverage options and fit into a broader theme inspired by the brand that will offer a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

“It is a new day for Edmonton and EIA,” says Milley. “We have the best air service in our history, and the expansion, new technology and brand will help us continue to serve the needs of our growing community and to provide the air service and customer services expected of an international airport.”

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