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December 10, 2008 | General

Launch of U.S. Quick Connect reflects EIA’s growth as a regional and international hub

Edmonton, Alta. — Canadian passengers with boarding cards and/or baggage tags connecting to U.S. destinations through Edmonton International Airport (EIA) no longer have to retrieve their bags and re-check in with their airlines before entering U.S. Customs.

Instead, they can enjoy the wide range of food, beverage and retail services available in EIA’s domestic passenger lounge while waiting for their connecting flights.

After arriving at EIA, U.S. Quick Connect passengers will proceed directly to their connecting flights by way of a new U.S. Quick Connect security station at U.S. Customs. Their bags will be transferred directly to the U.S. baggage room for security screening and loading on to their U.S. connection.

“U.S. Quick Connect is part of a range of new express services being developed at EIA to help our customers get where they are going as quickly and conveniently as possible,” said Reg Milley, EIA President and CEO.

As EIA continues to grow as a regional and international hub, the airport is serving more connecting passengers than ever before. From January 2005 to end of 2007, connections from key northern points — Yellowknife, Fort McMurray and Grande Prairie — have risen 79 per cent. U.S. Quick Connect will make connecting to one of the 10 U.S. hub cities with non-stop service from EIA simpler and more convenient.

“U.S. Quick Connect is great news for communities — especially northern communities — that use EIA as a gateway to the world,” said Milley.

EIA is only the second airport in Canada to offer a U.S Quick Connect-style “bypass” for U.S.-bound passengers. Halifax’s Stanfield International Airport offers a similar service for connecting passengers.

Connecting to the U.S. will be even faster for NEXUS members. After going through the U.S. Quick Connect station, NEXUS card holders will be able to use NEXUS self-serve kiosks and dedicated lanes that bypass line-ups, making EIA the fastest and most convenient way for northwestern Canadians to connect to the U.S.

EIA, Canada’s fastest-growing major airport over the past two years, is committed to complete and effective customer service — “we’ll move you.”


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To download photos from the U.S. Quick Connect launch, go to Media Resources.