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July 13, 2007 | General

ALBERTA – Edmonton International Airport and Calgary International Airport, with the support of WestJet and Air Canada, have committed to developing a short-haul product that will reduce travel time, offer enhanced value, and provide priority service.

Edmonton International Airport and Calgary International Airport serve more than 300,000 passengers each year who travel between the two airports. Many are travelling for business purposes, and time, efficiency and convenience are critical. This short-haul traffic is an important contributor to both airports’ business. To support and encourage growth in this important market, and the airlines that serve it, Calgary International Airport and Edmonton International Airport are announcing a new initiative in partnership with Air Canada and WestJet. This initiative will offer cost and time savings to air travellers using the Calgary-Edmonton corridor.

Scott Clements, President and CEO of Edmonton Airports states, “Our airports and airline partners share the industry concern that rising air travel costs could inhibit the growth of traffic in this corridor. Therefore, we are working co-operatively to develop an incentive program that will not only offer greater value for travellers, but reduce overall travel times.”

Garth Atkinson, President and CEO of the Calgary Airport Authority adds, “We are pleased to partner with our Edmonton colleagues and the two major carriers to stimulate growth in this important market. This is another example of the many initiatives that we are working on jointly for the betterment of air transportation in the Province.”

Corridor Stimulation Program features currently include an express process incorporated into the airlines’ check-in, and security screening that will allow travellers to move quickly through pre-departure processes. Initial incentives offered by the airports include a reduction in the on-airport parking fee for same day return travellers, and half-price airport valet service in Edmonton. Both airports are committed to collaborating to include additional features to this corridor stimulation program.

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