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July 10, 2007 | General

Four Edmonton institutions partner to support Edmonton enthusiasts around the world

What is believed to be the world’s first true online community exclusively dedicated to the global promotion of a geographic region is now leading a revolution of new ideas about Edmonton.

The website is the new virtual forum for the worldwide ‘C2E’ community. Essentially, C2E is a highly innovative and interactive online community that encourages discussion and collaboration on any Edmonton-themed subject.

C2E’s very active forum — there are 1,000-plus postings since the site quietly went live on March 1, 2006 — is organized into four broad topical areas: Edmonton’s Image, Growing Edmonton, Life in Edmonton and Regional Issues. Other C2E features include:

• guest columnists from around the world sharing opinions on topical Edmonton-focused subjects;
• Edmonton Raves, Edmonton Rants and Great Ideas sections with all postings prioritized by member voting. The top-10 lists from each of these sections will be communicated to Edmonton media on a regular basis to encourage further discussion;
• members have the option of providing their longitude and latitude to show their location on a worldwide member map;
• free membership to anyone … anywhere in the world.

C2E currently has 146 members in at least five countries — Sweden, Russia, Japan, U.S. and Canada — and forecasts having 1,000 members in 20 countries by year-end.

C2E was conceived and funded by Edmonton Economic Development Corp., with promotional support from Edmonton Airports, Edmonton Chamber of Commerce and the City of Edmonton. It is an autonomous, non-political, member-led organization supported by a cadre of pro-Edmonton volunteers and representatives from partner organizations.

An online survey completed by 661 EEDC regional stakeholders in June 2005 verified support and gave direction to this conceptual project.

“C2E was initiated in partial response to the never-ending global challenge of promoting (and sometimes defending) the image and reputation of Alberta’s capital region,” says Allan Scott, President and CEO of Edmonton Economic Development Corp. “I congratulate all C2E volunteers and all partner organizations for believing that Edmonton deserves a global forum for intelligent, moderated discussion about new ideas to shape Edmonton’s future … and in the process, empowering a new generation of emerging leaders.”

Media contact:
Lisanne Lewis
EEDC Communications Manager
Phone: (780) 917-7894