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October 18, 2007 | General

Edmonton, Alta. — Edmonton International Airport is reminding airport customers that the airport terminal will become a smoke-free facility effective Nov. 1, 2007. All indoor smoking areas will be closed.

For the convenience of those who would like to smoke, seven clearly marked outdoor smoking areas will be available pre-security on both the Departures and Arrivals Levels. Outdoor smoking areas will be located away from doors and other high-traffic pedestrian areas.

Edmonton International Airport is asking airport customers who smoke to keep in mind that, depending on their flight and destination, they may be unable to access smoking areas for several hours.

Passengers travelling within Canada who have a valid boarding pass are permitted to leave the secured Departures Lounges to access outdoor smoking areas; however, they must allow enough time to re-enter through pre-board screening to catch their flight.

Passengers that have passed through U.S. pre-clearance for transborder (U.S.) flights are not permitted to leave secure areas and will not be able to smoke until they reach their destination.

The decision to move to a smoke-free terminal was based on a growing trend in airports and other public places to address concerns over workplace health and safety and other issues.

Federal and provincial regulations prohibiting smoking in all public places and workplaces are expected to come into effect by Jan. 1, 2008.

Smoke-free public places and workplaces are fast becoming the standard throughout the world. Many airports in Canada and the United States are already 100 per cent smoke-free indoors.

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Edmonton International Airport is Canada’s fastest-growing major airport.

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