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May 13, 2008 | General

Edmonton – Edmonton Airports today confirmed FedEx has begun construction of a 35,000 square foot integrated cargo handling facility at the new “Air Cargo Logistics Centre.”

FedEx is the first carrier to expand into the Air Cargo Logistics Centre, which is designed to accommodate another four terminal developments of similar size. The centre was developed to meet the growing needs of numerous domestic and international all cargo airlines including Royal Cargo, Emery Worldwide and BAX Global.

“We are proud that the Airport’s new dedicated Air Cargo Logistics Centre will facilitate the expansion of this premier global provider of transportation services,” said Scott Clements, President and CEO of Edmonton Airports. “We extend a warm welcome to FedEx, the first tenant of our new Cargo Centre.”

The new FedEx facility will triple the size of the company’s airport operation and is expected to be on-line by December of this year.

“Our investment in the facility was spurred by positive economic growth in the region,” said Don Colleran, president Federal Express Canada Ltd. “We foresee a bright economic future for Edmonton and the Northern Alberta market.”

Construction Contracts for FedEx Terminal and Apron/Taxiway facilities

Executive Flight Centre Inc., the developer for the FedEx terminal, awarded the construction contract to Edmonton-contractor Clark Builders. Clark Builders commenced construction in June and expects to employ up to 50 people on the Project.

Simultaneous to the construction of the FedEx Terminal is the construction of supporting apron and taxiway facilities. Edmonton Airports awarded the $4 million contract for the construction of supporting apron and taxiway facilities to Standard General, who commenced work in July.

Edmonton International Airport Air Cargo Logistics Centre

Collectively these two construction projects represent just the first phase of a comprehensive cargo centre development. It is located at the north end of the airport on the existing service road. Upon completion, the Centre will encompass 38 acres and include 500,000 square feet of apron, with five 5-acre development lots (including FedEx) surrounding the apron.