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December 11, 2007 | General

Edmonton – Today Transport Minister David Collenette announced that the Government of Canada will provide an indemnity for third-party war and terrorism liabilities for essential aviation service operators in Canada. To see the Transport Canada news release click here.

Edmonton Airports welcomes this announcement, and would like to reassure travellers that there will be no disruption to airport services on Monday, September 24. Travellers should continue with their regular travel plans. We regret any uncertainty or inconvenience that this issue has caused.

RECAP: With information taken from the Canadian Airports Council News Release distributed September 20, 2001

There are many collateral issues arising from the events of Tuesday, September 11, including issues associated with the insurance industry and the provision of insurance. The world aviation insurance markets are re-evaluating the coverage provided for war and terrorism. This re-evaluation applies to all companies involved in aviation including airlines, airports and many others.

As part of this re-evaluation, many Canadian airports have been notified of the cancellation of policy extension covering war and terrorism, effective 7:00 p.m. EDT on Monday, September 24, 2001. The cancellation does not affect other aspects of airport insurance coverage, which are extensive and remain in place.