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December 11, 2007 | General

Edmonton – Thank You to our Communities

The 50 companies and 3500 staff at Edmonton International Airport collectively call ourselves ETeam; energy, enthusiasm, Edmonton. ETeam would like to express our joint and sincere appreciation to our communities.

In response to the emergency situation facing our Canadian airports over the last week, you have offered aid and expressed encouragement. We have been inspired by your kindness, and warmed by your compassion.

1200 international passengers and crew were diverted unexpectedly to our communities, and we continue to hear expressions of appreciation from those travellers who were comforted and cared for by the Capital Region.

It is with heartfelt gratitude that we recognize the efforts of our community.

We also wish to thank travellers who continue to demonstrate patience and cooperation with increased time required for security processing at Edmonton International Airport.

Finally, we extend our appreciation to local media outlets, who, in a very professional and cooperative manner, worked with our airport agencies to provide accurate and timely information to the capital region.

Travellers Tips:

– Once travellers have confirmed their departure with their airline, they are advised to report to the airport two hours before a domestic flight and three hours for flights to U.S. and International destinations.

– If you are travelling to Calgary as your final destination, please report to the airport one (1) hour ahead of your departure time.

– Please pack as little carry on baggage as possible.

– Transport Canada’s website:

– Airlines serving Edmonton at Edmonton Airports website

– Current arrivals and departures information at Edmonton Airports website

Air Canada
Reservation Line: 1-888-247-2262 and Web Site:

Air Transat – Arrival/Departure Info: (780) 890-7099
Information: 1-877-872-6728 and Web Site:

Canada 3000
Arrival/Departure Info: (780) 890-4592
Reservations: 1-888-3000-669 and Web Site:

Canadian North
Reservations: 1-800-661-1505
Arrival/Departure Info: (780) 890-4290 and Web Site:

Horizon Air
Reservation Line: 1-800-547-9308 and Web Site:
(includes partner Alaska Airlines)

Reservations: 1-416-364-3672 or 1-800-martinair and Web Site:

Northwest Airlines
Reservation Line: 1-800-225-2525
Arrival/Departure Info: 1-800-441-1818 and Web Site:

LOT Polish Airlines
Reservation Line: 1-800-668-5928 and Web Site:

Reservation Line: 1-800-538-5696 and Web Site:

Airport Information Booth/Website:
1-800-268-7134 and Web Site: