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May 14, 2008 | General

Edmonton Airports is pleased to report that as of 12:30AM on January 1, 2000 all operations at Edmonton International Airport, Edmonton City Centre Airport and Cooking Lake Airport continue uninterrupted by Y2K.

The last outbound flight from Edmonton International Airport on December 31, 1999, WestJet flight #217 bound for Vancouver via Kelowna, BC departed as scheduled at 8:58PM. The last inbound flight, a Northwest Airlines flight from St. Paul-Minneapolis arrived at Edmonton International Airport just after 10:30PM as scheduled. A Canadian Airlines flight from Calgary, mentioned in the previous news release, had been cancelled earlier in the evening due to low passenger volumes.

Airlines are expected to resume regularly scheduled passenger flights to and from Edmonton International Airport beginning at 7AM New Years Day, barring any unforeseen problems. Edmonton City Centre Airport which is also a 24-hour facility, experienced minimal aircraft activity on New Years Eve.

Edmonton Airports Y2K preparation began two years ago and saw a total of 88 systems tested and re-tested leading up to January 1, 2000. The top four mission-critical systems include:

Over the next several hours, Edmonton Airports Y2K readiness teams will complete re-testing of all major systems. Edmonton International Airport will return to normal operations after all major systems have passed the re-testing criteria.

Edmonton Airports Y2K readiness program cost approximately half a million dollars. This preparation did not include other airport-related agencies such as Nav Canada (responsible for air traffic control) and air carriers serving the Capital Region which have completed their own Y2K readiness programs.