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May 16, 2008 | General

EDMONTON — Edmonton Airports today commended Northwest Airlines for returning its third daily flight to this market and for introducing same-plane services for Edmontonians traveling to or from selected U.S. cities.

Effective April 5, Northwest Airlines will return to three daily flights from Edmonton to their Minneapolis-St. Paul hub. Northwest introduced the third daily flight last fall, but withdrew it for the January-March 1998 period due to equipment shortages. Northwest assures Edmonton Airports that the third daily flight is now operating permanently in this market.

Also effective April 5, Edmontonians departing on Northwest to the U.S. will be able to travel same-plane to Dallas/Fort Worth and Cleveland.


Carrier      Flight #    Dpt Edm          Via hub city      Same-plane destination
Northwest 1022         8:00 AM daily   Minneapolis       Dallas/Fort Worth
Northwest 1020         1:25 PM daily   Minneapolis       n/a
Northwest 1018         5:25 PM daily   Minneapolis       Cleveland


Edmonton Airports’ Director of Air Service Development, Jim Meyer, noted that Edmonton is still vigorously pursuing non-stop service to key destinations in the U.S.

“Nonetheless,” said Meyer, “same plane service is certainly a step beyond connecting service, and Dallas in particular is a significant destination of choice for Edmontonians. We appreciate that Northwest is responding to Edmontonians’ strong preference for improved air service”.

Meyer also thanked Northwest for returning the third daily flight to Minneapolis. “We understand that flight was well supported by Edmontonians during its first three-month exposure in our market, and we’re pleased that Northwest has responded to that market demand by bringing the flight back on a permanent basis.”

Northwest Airlines will begin code sharing with Continental on Edmonton flights as of June 1, 1998, reflecting that the two airlines are now full partners. This arrangement permits seamless connections and travel arrangements between the two carriers, and gives Edmontonians further convenience in connecting beyond the Minneapolis hub on both Northwest and Continental.