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May 16, 2008 | General

EDMONTON — Edmonton Airports today commended Delta Air Lines for introducing same-plane services for Edmontonians traveling to or from selected U.S. cities.

Effective April 5, Edmontonians flying on Delta will have the following same-plane destinations available to them:

Carrier   Flight #    Dpt Edm           Via hub city      Same-plane destination
Delta        736          7:00 AM daily   Salt Lake City    Chicago
Delta      1785          9:35 AM daily   Salt Lake City    n/a
Delta        988          5:25 PM daily   Salt Lake City    New Orleans


Edmontonians returning to Edmonton will also have some same-plane options:

Carrier   Flight #    Arr Edm            Via hub city      Same plane origin
Delta      1012          4:34 PM daily   Salt Lake City    San Francisco
Delta      2242        10:42 PM daily   Salt Lake City    Denver
Delta      1486        12:56 AM daily   Salt Lake City    San Francisco


Edmonton Airports’ Director of Air Service Development, Jim Meyer, noted that Edmonton is still vigorously pursuing non-stop service to key destinations in the U.S.

“Nonetheless,” said Meyer, “same plane service is certainly a step beyond connecting service, and some of those cities — Denver, San Francisco and Chicago in particular — are high volume destinations of choice for Edmontonians. We appreciate that Delta is responding to Edmontonians’ strong preference for improved services to more destinations.”

Meyer noted that Edmontonians will find travel to the United States more convenient when they choose a flight that goes directly into the U.S., rather than connecting through another Canadian city. “Traveling non-stop from Edmonton into the U.S. means that the traveler can clear U.S. customs in Edmonton, making the total trip shorter with fewer hassles. Choosing non-stop and same-plane flights also demonstrates to air carriers that we prefer non-stop or same-plane travel.