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May 14, 2008 | General

EDMONTON – Edmonton Airports President and CEO Scott Clements today expressed his total delight at AirBC’s announcement of a second daily non-stop flight to Denver.

“This is just outstanding,” he said. “AirBC tells me they are pleased with the consumer support for the first daily Denver flight, and that community endorsement was part of the reason they are willing to take a chance on a second daily flight.

“I’m certain Delta’s announcement that they are restructuring out of this market also played a significant part,” continued Clements, “but credit is owing to AirBC for recognizing the opportunity that Delta’s departure presents, and for quickly deciding to expand a product that Edmontonians have clearly shown they are prepared to support.”

“I believe that Edmontonians’ support of Fly Edmonton First was an important factor,” Clements concluded. “Airlines notice when communities are aware and active in their desire for better air service. Consumers have a lot of influence. When people show, by the choice of flights they buy, that they prefer non-stop service, then airlines feel more confident that new non-stop services will be supported and be worth their huge investment.”

AirBC has been operating a single daily non-stop flight to and from Denver International Airport since October 5.

“I am pleased that the timing of the new flight’s arrival in Denver will match up to a bank of flights at that airport. That makes connecting much easier if your final destination is beyond Denver. The timing of the first daily flight to Denver has also been adjusted since October, so that it also has better connectability to a larger bank of onward services.”

AirBC announced today that effective April 5, 1999, they will operate a second BAe146 aircraft between Edmonton International and Denver International airports. The second flight will depart Edmonton at 3:00 PM, arriving Denver at 5:50 PM; then depart Denver at 7:00 PM, arriving back in Edmonton at 9:55 PM. The existing flight leaves Edmonton at 8:30 AM, arriving Denver at 11:20; then departs Denver at 12:30 PM and is back in Edmonton at 3:25 PM.