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October 21, 2014 | Airport City, Cargo, YEG News Releases

Opens new facility to improve access to oil and gas market and accommodate projected business growth for the next five year

EDMONTON – DHL, the world’s leading logistics company, today announced the opening of a new facility in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  Representing a significant investment of C$2.1 million, this new facility will help DHL Express meet the growing demands of international shipping customers and help to streamline logistics and shipping for energy sector organizations. Additionally, it will, provide Alberta’s SME companies better access to international markets. The new facility opening is the second milestone in DHL’s current commitment to the Alberta market. In September 2014, the company invested more than C$2 million to launch a new commercial flight route to Calgary and Edmonton.

Located at the Edmonton International Airport, the 1,301 square meter facility is more than three times the size of DHL’s previous facility. Designed with efficiency in mind, the facility will allow direct loading from the belt to the van, making this stage of shipping much more efficient. The facility will provide Edmonton customers with a full range of shipping and logistics services such as courier, back office, import and export.

“DHL is focused on growing our business internationally and in the Canadian market by concentrating on our core strengths and seizing the opportunity in new growth areas, and the Alberta region is an excellent example of a market that’s perfectly suited for our services.” said Greg Hewitt, president, DHL Express Canada. “By working to offer services that meet and exceed the needs of Alberta’s vibrant business community, we have grown inbound volumes at 14% year over year in the Alberta market over the last two years. The investments we’re making in this region will help us to continue and build on this trend.”  

The opening of the new facility will also allow DHL to continue its ongoing commitment to SMEs in Canada and across the globe. Shipping outside of Canada involves complex logistics as well as a myriad of customs and regulatory factors, and DHL offers SMEs a ‘virtual logistics department’ and consultancy, simplifying international shipping and logistics by offering SMEs DHL’s global knowledge and experience. With more than 90 per cent of Alberta’s businesses reported to fall into the SME category, it is expected that

DHL’s new investments will have a significant impact on the local market by helping to connect Alberta small businesses with international markets, helping them to grow in a competitive economy.