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May 16, 2008 | General

EDMONTON — Customer support of the new Sky Shuttle ground transportation system to the International Airport has soared in the first half of 1997.

Ridership increased by a stunning 177% for the period January to June 1997, as compared to the same period last year, Edmonton Airports reported today.

The new Sky Shuttle product was introduced in December 1996. In the first six months of 1997, 63,903 riders used the Sky Shuttle.

By comparison, in the first half of 1996, 23,084 customers chose to reach the International Airport on the then-Grey Goose shuttle bus. In 1995, only 18,461 chose to use the shuttle between January and June.

“Clearly, we have introduced a product that serves our customers well,” said Diane Trenn, Edmonton Airports’ Terminal Manager.

“Many of our customers have previously expressed a concern that the International Airport is too distant from the downtown or is expensive to access. By choosing to use the Sky Shuttle, they are telling us that they like this new, comfortable, inexpensive and frequent transportation service.”

The Sky Shuttle is operated by Laidlaw in cooperation with Edmonton Airports. Three shuttle routes serve downtown, the west end and the south side, from major hotels and the Greyhound bus depots. The cost is $11 one way, or $18 return, with discounts also available.