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May 14, 2008 | General

The Board of Directors of Edmonton Airports today approved a vision for an expanded and redeveloped international airport. The long-term plan encompasses a phased redevelopment plan with built-in decision points to allow the project to proceed at an appropriate pace.

“This is an extraordinarily exciting day for Edmonton Airports and for our community,” said Chairman of the Board Sid Hanson. “We have the concurrence of our major airline partners, the support of the financial community, and encouragement from our stakeholders and customers. The Board is confident that we have made a prudent, well-considered decision that is affordable to our community and yet will serve the needs of all of us in northern Alberta for the next quarter-century.”

Phase 1 of the project has already been completed. That phase included a parkade, improvements to the existing terminal building and roadway enhancement, at a cost of $40 million.

Phase 2 has been approved by the Board. It includes a substantial expansion of the existing terminal building to the southeast, a small extension of the north holdroom on the east side, extension of the apron, and miscellaneous projects. This phase will cost about $131 million. It will be completed by fall 2000.

Subsequent phases will be considered and approved by the Board in due course and in consultation with its stakeholders. It will include a commuter concourse, central hall to connect the old and new wings of the terminal building, an upgrade of the south end of the existing building, a regional concourse for commuter passengers and a general upgrade to the old terminal building.

The total redevelopment project is expected to eventually cost $300 million. The project will be paid for by the Airport Improvement Fee. The Board will set the fee at $10 per departing passenger, raising the in-Alberta rate from $5 to $10 and retaining the outside-Alberta fee at $10 (similar to most other Canadian airports) coincident with agreement by the airlines to collect the AIF with the ticket. Customers have overwhelmingly asked Edmonton Airports to modify the collection method. Agreement with the airlines is expected to be reached later this year.

“This is an exciting day for our community,” said Hanson. “We have secured the future of our International Airport. We are within a few flights of achieving optimal air service. And today, we are writing an exciting new chapter in the history of our community.”