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May 16, 2008 | General

The International Airport almost doubled its traffic in June, Edmonton Airports announced today. Combined passenger traffic for both airports in June 1995 was 234,299, while the June 1996 figure at the International was 312,764 travellers. These figures represent a 34% increase in traffic over and above the impact of transferred passengers from the City Centre Airport, which occurred June 1, 1996.

Overall, Edmonton’s 1996 second quarter air passenger traffic was up 22%. Combined traffic from both the City Centre Airport (April and May only) and the International Airport (April, May and June) was 861,241 passengers, up from 669,327 passengers in the second quarter of 1995, for a 22% overall hike in passenger volume.

During the first quarter of 1996, traffic was up 24% over first quarter 1995 at the International Airport, and 12% at the City Centre Airport, for a city-wide increase of 20% in traffic.

Edmonton International Airport
                         April         May           June         Second Quarter
144,883    153,875    164,107      462,865
1996                188,349    192,101    312,764      693,214
Increase            43,466      38,266    148,657       230,349
% Increase       30%          25%          91%              50%

Edmonton City Centre Airport
                         April         May           June         Second Quarter
1995                66,671      69,599        70,192      206,462
1996                81,135      86,892 0   168,027
Increase          14,464      17,293         n/a             n/a
% Increase       22%         25%           n/a              n/a


“Certainly we are seeing the traffic stimulation which has resulted from the introduction of low-cost services, and the impact that has had on regional fares on all airlines,” said Edmonton Airports Marketing Vice President Garry King. “Lower prices mean more people will travel by air. We may see stimulation in the Manitoba/Ontario domestic market in the next quarter after the introduction of Greyhounds flights to eastern Canada. I also think people who used to drive to Calgary for flights are now finding those services available here at Edmonton International. For example, Canada 3000 introduced a Halifax non-stop service in May which is sold out through the summer. It is also apparent that Calgary-Edmonton corridor traffic has not switched to ground transportation.”