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May 16, 2008 | General

Passenger air traffic in Edmonton — at both the International and Municipal Airports — was up markedly in the first quarter of 1996, Edmonton Airports announced today.

Edmonton International Airport recorded a 24% increase in traffic in the first quarter of 1996 over the same period in 1995. Edmonton Municipal Airport recorded a 12% increase over 1995.

Edmonton International Airport
                     Jan          Feb          Mar          First Quarter

1995            144,954   133,844   151,503    430,301
1996            159,243   164,513   211,338    535,094
Increase        14,289     30,669     59,835    104,793
% Increase   10%         23%        40%          24%

Edmonton Municipal Airport
                     Jan          Feb          Mar          First Quarter
            65,977    67,542     77,368       210,887
1996            70,972    75,095     89,800       235,867
Increase        4,995      7,553      12,432         24,980
% Increase   8%        11%         16%             12%


“The dramatic increase at the International in March can be partially attributed to the introduction of WestJet services on February 29,” said Edmonton Airports Marketing Vice President Garry King. “WestJet accounted for about half of the increase in March, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Other airlines also experienced growth in this quarter. For example, we are seeing the results of the new Horizon daily non-stop service to Seattle, and overall improvements in both domestic and transborder traffic.”

“We are really starting to see stimulation of the air traffic market as a result of improved services,” said King. “Improved service and more competition leads to lower prices and more choices. That, in turn, draws people to air travel who might have been choosing other forms of transportation or simply choosing not to travel. Also, improved service in Edmonton encourages people to use our airports who may have otherwise chosen to drive to Calgary to start their trip.”

King pointed out that both Edmonton airports experienced growth. “This is not a case of one airport stealing passengers from another. Overall growth in this city climbed sharply,” said King.