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July 12, 2007 | General

Edmonton – Edmonton Airports today released the names of those participating on the Air Services/City Centre Airport Consultation Group. They are:

• Rory Campbell, Deputy Minister, Alberta Economic Development, Province of Alberta
• Andy Clark, President, Clark Builders
• Michael Davenport, Retired Superintendent, Fort Vermilion School Division
• The Honorable Jim Edwards, Chair of University of Alberta Board of Governors
• Gary Friedel, MLA Peace River, and representing the Northern Alberta Development Council
• W.D. (Bill) Grace, Corporate Director and Consultant
• Al Maurer, City Manager, City of Edmonton
• Maureen McCaw, Chair, Edmonton Chamber of Commerce
• Chris Sheard, Chair, Economic Development Edmonton
• Joe Thompson, Chair, PCL Construction Holdings Inc.

The Air Services/City Centre Airport Consultation Group will be chaired by Margaret Bateman, Vice Chair of Edmonton Airports Board of Directors.

Recognizing that all parties share a commitment to advance economic development in the region, Edmonton Airports will work with this Consultation Group to expeditiously:

• Build common understanding of the issues
• Identify key elements of solutions

Consultation Group Chair Margaret Bateman said, “Individuals participating on the group were appointed based on their record of leadership in the community and their interest in both the economic future of the region, and in maintaining positive relationships with our partners in the North. This membership represents a balance of expertise and perspectives which will inform the discussion in constructive ways.”

As announced earlier this month, as a gesture of good faith, while the Consultation Group is engaged, Edmonton Airports will postpone implementation of policy changes to Edmonton City Centre Airport announced on November 18, 2003.

Edmonton Airports is committed to an efficient process, but anticipates that the timeline for meetings will require flexibility. The group is expected to conduct its introductory meeting within the next two weeks.

Recognizing the significant number of diverse stakeholders, whom, for practical reasons cannot all be represented individually through the Consultation Group, Edmonton Airports has also set up a system for receiving comments and other input through Edmonton Airports website. In addition to the website, input can be provided by calling (780) 890-8071 OR 1-800-268-7134. This opportunity provides a mechanism for all parties to share their perspectives with Edmonton Airports. Feedback received through the site will be provided to the Consultation Group, as well as members of Edmonton Airports Board of Directors.