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A strong international airport is critical for our region’s recovery. 

Airport Terminal and Runway Birds Eye View Facing South

Airport Terminal and Runway Birds Eye View Facing West

Travel is expected to start to return soon. As vaccination rates climb and health restrictions begin to ease, we all look forward to a safe return to travel. However, even as we move on, the COVID-19 pandemic impacts on aviation will linger for many years.  Edmonton International Airport has felt the impacts. Our traffic fell by 5.5 million passengers in 2020, more than the population of Alberta. Along with that came a loss of thousands of flights and tens of millions in vital revenue to keep us sustainable.  

YEG is a non-profit corporation. We operate independently from any level of government and do not receive taxpayer funding for our daily operations. Our revenues come from flight activity, passengers using our facilities and revenues related to our Airport City Sustainability Campus. The revenues then go back into operating the airport.  

Here to serve

YEG exists to serve our community and region. Our mandate is to create jobs, lift our economy to new heights and serve as a gateway to the world through strong air service. Pre-pandemic, YEG supported 26,000 jobs and contributed more than $3 billion to our regional economy and we can work together to get there again! 

Maybe you travel to see family, see a new part of the world? Maybe you’re one of the countless companies that rely on global supply chains and access to do business in other regions. Maybe you just want to go on vacation or you’re trying to recruit a key new employee to come to Edmonton?  

All these actions and so many more need strong air service, non-stop routes for travel and cargo. Here’s how we can get them!  

How you can help

As the world begins to reopen and travel becomes more common again – you can help ensure the future of strong air service for Edmonton.  

  1. Ask your airline for non-stop service from Edmonton to your destination, rather than connecting through another city. Airlines respond to demand and we work closely with them to advocate for routes our community wants and needs.  
  2. Support our facilities. We are not for profit so when you travel, park at YEG, maybe buy a coffee or snack while you’re here that helps support your airport. Or visit one of the many destinations in our Airport City Sustainability Campus, such as the Premium Outlet Collection or Century Mile Racetrack and Casino.  
  3. Speak with your friends, neighbours, business peers and community and government leaders to ensure they understand that a strong international airport is critical for our region’s business and economic recovery. 
  4. While you’re here – sign up for our Rewards newsletter to get updates on flights, activities and discounts connected to YEG.  

Find out more about how you can advocate for YEG

A community leader

We take pride in our leadership and work on environmental, social and governance issues. We’re dedicated to sustainability and we’re taking direct action.  

  • YEG will soon be home to the world’s largest solar farm at an airport? Airport City Solar will be 627 acres when fully developed. We’re the world’s first airport to sign The Climate Pledge and we recently formed the YEG-Air Canada Sustainability Partnership with multiple environmental innovations underway. Find out more at 
  • We are working hard to be an airport where everyone feels recognized and included. Our airport must reflect the world we are a gateway to. We’re working to have greater representation from our boardrooms to the runway. We value, support and partner with several Indigenous Peoples organizations and other groups to broaden our horizons.  
  • We support more than 100 charities, foundations and events in our region through our community investment program including Leduc Food Bank, Edmonton’s Heritage Days festival and the World Triathlon Championship Finals. We were the first airport in Canada to begin an airport music program showcasing local musicians and we are invested in local artists through a rotational art program in the airport.