Joan Hertz Portrait


Ms. Hertz is an executive, lawyer and strategic consultant who is currently serving as Interim President for NorQuest College. She previously served as Vice President, External Affairs and Corporate Counsel for NorQuest College; has built her own private practice of law and strategic consulting; served as Corporate Counsel, Strategic Affairs for Capital Health, as well as in private practice at McCuaig Desrochers LLP. She teaches Legal and Fiduciary Duties of Directors at the Institute of Corporate Directors, and for over 20 years has provided governance, legal, and strategic advisory services to private sector and crown clients ranging from small to large institutional firms.

Ms. Hertz is the Chair of ATB Financial Board of Directors, and previously served as a director at ATB Financial from 2008-2018, and as Chair of the Governance and Conduct Review Committee.  She currently serves as Vice Chair of the Board and Chairs the Growth and Innovation Committee of Covenant Health, and also sits as a public member on the CPA Canada Board.

Ms. Hertz has served as a public member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Alberta Council, the Alberta Accountants Unification Agency and the Provincial Judicial Council. She is the former Chair of the Provincial Court Nominating Committee. She has also served on Alberta’s Promise and was formerly with Kid’s Kottage Foundation and Edmonton Catholic Cemeteries Board, as well as numerous other crown and community boards.