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Thank you for your interest in applying to the Ag-celerator at YEG. We look forward to learning more about your company to determine if there is a fit between your growth plans and Ag-celerator services. Please complete the application form below, ensuring that each field is filled in as each field is required.

When you have completed this application, please email it to: If you have any questions that emerge as you complete the application, please email: Thank you again for your interest!

Ag-celerator Vision: Ag-celerator participants are exceeding their growth expectations and planning expansion into new markets

The Ag-celerator at YEG offers a CFIA certified food production, contract packaging (copack) and a national/international market development accelerator facility at YEG in partnership with Uproot Food Collective. The facility will be an advanced food production centre, utilizing state of the art equipment. The Ag-celerator provides a viable commercialization path for mid-stage food and beverage companies to access and succeed in national and international retail markets.

Eligibility will be determined based on the following main criteria:

• Have an excellent agrifood product with current sales in place

• Demonstrate growth potential

• Plans in hand to enter new markets in Alberta, Canada or globally

• Have sufficient resources to support growth cycles

• Solid leadership team in place

• Open to learning and engaging with other companies that are growing and learning

• The Ag-celerator has particular interest in working with equity-supporting businesses/companies

• We are looking for companies committed to driving environmental, social, governance and innovation outcomes.

Ag-celerator Application

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C. Your company's current corporate and financing strengths [scored out of 200]:

D. Your company's leadership team [scored out of 200]:

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