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Stefanie Staples

Cochrane, AB

Merging inspiration from the animal kingdom and the natural world, Cochrane artist Stefanie Staples creates hybrid soft sculptures and Papier Mâché forms that explore the space between real and imagined worlds. The surface areas of these objects are highly embellished with repetitive textures and patterns that loosely mimic those found in nature. Recycled and repurposed materials play an integral role in both her studio and home life, minimizing waste and breathing new life into something old and worn. Staples was born and raised in the outskirts of Vancouver, before relocating to Calgary in 2002 in pursuit of a textiles education at the Alberta College of Art + Design. Since graduating in 2008, she has experimented in textiles, film, animation, puppetry, and sculpture just to name a few. Staples attributes her love of textiles to her Grandmother and in 2013, launched ‘marymake’, a handmade business specializing in quirky soft sculpture and Papier Mâché objects inspired by nature and the animal kingdom and aptly named after her grandmother, Mary.

Andrew Glazebrook

Red Deer County, AB

Andrew Glazebrook (Red Deer County) is an Alberta artist who spent most of his youth in the hamlet of Rosebud, Alberta. A self-taught woodworker, Andrew executes every part of the process; from choosing and felling trees in his neighbouring forest, to creating designs best suited for the wood and through to the finishing of the piece be it decorative or functional. It is through this complex process that Andrew finds satisfaction and a connection to an art that can be both traced over 4000 years and is, yet, ever changing. Andrew’s diversity and proficiency is evident in the array of objects he turns. Inspired by craftsmanship of any kind, Andrew draws satisfaction from being a maker of objects which others can touch, feel and cherish. Andrew is recognized for both his craftsmanship and his willingness to share his knowledge with others. Andrew has taught in over 45 schools, colleges, and universities and currently offers various classes at his wellequipped studio in Red Deer County.