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Metalsmiths Sterling is the ultimate destination for must-have fashion accessories. Our pieces feature a landscape of different and unique gemstones and are exclusively designed and manufactured by Metalsmiths. We have 6 collections with 800 different pieces scaled for individual styles. Featuring clean, modern lines and European flair, Metalsmiths Sterling has something that will appeal to every woman.


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For Peter Konidas, co-founder of Metalsmiths Sterling, the art and craftsmanship of jewelry making has been a life-long fascination. He got his start at the age of fourteen, working as an apprentice bench jeweler for nearly three years. “I never got paid for my work there,” explains Peter. “It was all good experience, and I didn’t mind working for free for the first couple years.” When he eventually approached the shop owner for a proper wage, he was dismissed. “He told me I just didn’t have good hands,” Peter chuckles, looking down at his fingers.

Not that it mattered – with his passion for the trade already well-established he was ready to forge ahead and began his formal education at university. After graduating from the Commerce Faculty at the University of Alberta he was accepted into the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in California. Peter then studied at the Jewelry Arts Institute in New York, a school dedicated to reviving the ancient metalworking and stone setting techniques that provide the foundation of modern jewelry.

After returning to Canada, Peter, now a Master Fabricator and Graduate Gemologist cofounded Metalsmiths Sterling with his brother Lee Konidas. Together, they combined their design and fabrication expertise to create their own unique and exclusive line of sterling silver jewelry.  The brand upholds an uncompromising sense of quality, respect for tradition, and patient commitment to the rigours of the ancient art form. Peter recalls one of his instructors, an elegant Italian woman and master of masters explaining the characteristics of high quality jewelry. “It’s got to be made right, even if it’s heavy!” she laughed, making her pendulous, gold earrings swing.For Metalsmiths Sterling, weight, materials and craftsmanship are more than signifiers of quality; they ground the wearer’s experience through an instinctive, tangible connection. Metalsmiths Sterling proudly features six different collections, each as strikingly unique as their customer’s tastes. Every collection has a story, and as the principle designer, Peter draws his inspiration from nature, architecture, even tattoos. The Signature collection features clean lines and classic stylings while the Earth’s Wind & Fire pieces showcase the raw, organic beauty of spectacular stones set in simple sterling frames. The Panos Konidas collection was developed by reaching back into the brothers’ Greek heritage and love of timelessly beautiful European cities, the scrolling silverwork reminiscent of intricate iron gates and Gothic architecture.

Though well worth it, this commitment to quality and design innovation has not always been easy to maintain. Metalsmiths Sterling not only adheres to the strictest of international quality standards, but sources all of their gemstones and diamonds exclusively from fair trade suppliers. The company has also adopted a selective attitude toward business and retail partnerships to ensure that its retailers also understand and support these values. “We choose to do business with people who understand what we are about.”

The Canadian market, Edmonton in particular, has been integral in building the Metalsmiths Sterling vision. The first store opened in Londonderry Mall in northern Edmonton, and the city has remained the headquarters of the company’s operations. The brand has since expanded to include 38 stores across the country with over 300 authorized merchants in Canada and the US. Several of those retail locations are in airports, including Edmonton International which proudly features two in-terminal outlets. “It’s a pretty unique environment,” says Peter. “Airports provide a chance to offer something different to customers. Travelers are looking for luxury that travels well.” And clearly, they are doing something right – Metalsmiths Sterling recently won the prestigious Best Overall Retailer Award, Small Division at the 2014 Airport Revenue News (ARN) Award Conference in March.

Whether you’re in need of that perfect gift for a loved one, or simply want to treat yourself during your trip, be sure to linger over the gleaming display cases at Metalsmiths Sterling EIA.

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