Your adventure starts at the airport

Here’s your guide to navigating the airport before jetting off.


Checking in early? Well played

Start the celebration early with friends before takeoff! Below are some top-notch eateries to explore that you won’t find outside the airport:

For more sit down and on the go options, look here.

When you’ve got a few minutes to spare, get some shopping in!

From sunglasses to yoga wear to backpacks to jewellery, peruse our shopping options and leave extra room in your carry on.


Edmonton’s hottest pre-vacation venue

With all the entertainment at the airport, you may never want to depart!

Local musicians can be found playing near the living wall on Thursdays and Fridays, and in the main concourse just past security every day.

You can also take in some of Edmonton’s best designers at the Airport. Sit back and enjoy local art pieces, from glass umbrellas to a lounge area made of fibreglass and copper.


So delicious, you’ll forget to Instagram

If you’re looking to treat yourself with something sweet before your trip, stop by one of these delicious cafes and bakeries. By the time you pull out your phone to get that Instagram shot, they’ll be long gone. Yes, they’re that good.


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