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Fly Non-Stop to Iceland

Icelandair offers non-stop service between Iceland and Edmonton. Connections through Icelandair’s hub at Keflavik International Airport are available to the following destinations in Scandinavia, the U.K. and Continental Europe. Only Icelandair allows passengers to take an Icelandair Stopover for up to seven nights at no additional airfare.

These cities are cities you can visit from Edmonton via the Iceland connection:

  1. Akureyri
  2. Aberdeen
  3. Amsterdam
  4. Anchorage
  5. Barcelona
  6. Belfast
  7. Bergen
  8. Billund
  9. Birmingham
  10. Brussels
  11. Copenhagen
  12. Frankfurt
  13. Geneva
  14. Glasgow
  15. Gothenburg
  16. Hamburg
  17. Helsinki
  18. London – Heathrow
  19. Madrid
  20. Manchester
  21. Milan
  22. Munich
  23. Oslo
  24. Paris
  25. Stavanger
  26. Stockholm
  27. Trondheim
  28. Zurich

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